Does Mobile Marketing Work? Yes!

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Recently, my wife told me a story about a coworker who’s Droid Razr had stopped working. The coworker went to the the nearest carrier store, got help and came back with a working phone. What struck my wife is the way the coworker quoted herself as saying to the store personnel, “my life is on this phone and I use it for everything.” She was desperate to have it fixed, as anyone would be in this day where our smartphones are suddenly as important as pacemakers. We’ve grown accustomed to our pocketable convenience.

Marketers, and many business owners, know I'm attached to our phones like Life Alert. We search for an item we want, navigate to a store, scan the barcode to be sure it’s the best price, reconfirm our choice by again searching for reviews and make the purchase. Or not. Sometimes our car breaks down mid-navigation and we need to quickly exit the program in order search for the nearest/cheapest/fastest tow truck.

Those in the know are certain that mobile marketing is important, effective and the next big thing for business. Need proof? According to the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA), a whopping 92% of Americans won’t ever leave their homes without their cellphones. Another 49% of mobile users make a purchase on their phone simply by seeing a relevant mobile ad. Want more? Here are two relevant articles worth a read.

Mobile Marketing Magic (Huffington Post) | The Mobile Playbook (Google)

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