Sick of Internet Explorer, Using Firefox? Try Chrome!

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I don’t generally go out of my way to change something I’m happy with, but about a year ago a friend of mine suggested that I try Google Chrome as a web browser. Now a year later, while I don’t have much bad to say about my old go-to browser Firefox, what I can say is that Chrome has changed the way I browse the internet.

Here’s why

  • Simplicity. It’s easy to use and enjoyable. You can type in a website address or search for something all from the same navigation bar on top.
  • Gmail. If you have a Gmail account you really owe it to yourself to have Chrome.  Need to attach some photos? Just drag and drop them into the attachment area of your Gmail and it does the rest.  No clicking on an upload button and searching for the files on your computer.  If you send or receive an email with a YouTube link the video can automatically play inside your email!
  • Syncing. Use more than one computer, at work or at home?  If you do Chrome will sync your bookmarks and stored data such as passwords automatically.  Bookmark something on your laptop, it shows up next time you’re on your desktop!  To enable syncing, click on Preferences, Under The Hood, and then click on Sync.
  • Web Store. Think of the Chrome Web Store like the App Store on an iPhone or iPad.  It’s filled with thousands of free apps and your bound to find a few you’ll regularly use. My favorites include Awesome Screenshot, Wunderlist and Flixster Movies.
  • Android. If you have an Android based smartphone there is a great Chrome extension available in the web store called Chrome to Phone that allows you to send the current webpage you’re viewing on your computer directly to your Android powered smartphone!  Comes in handy when you’re about to leave the house or office and want to take what you’re looking at with you.
  • Speed. It’s fast, you’ll notice sites load quickly and it doesn’t feel bogged down by having countless tabs open.

If you haven’t tried Chrome yet I suggest you give it a try.  Looking for Google Chrome Web Store?  You can find it here.

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