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Websites like many technology-based products and services, age in dog years. You may wishfully think your website is young and spry at 5 years old, but the reality of this particular life cycle reflects less of the original vibrant youth and more of the stuck-in-your-ways approach to middle age.

It isn’t that your website wasn’t awesome five years ago. It was. But look how far we’ve come since then. The very first original iPhone was released 5 years ago this June. The iPad itself was only a glimmer in Steve Jobs’s eye. Smartphones and tablets have completely reshaped the way we interact online, so much so that we can barely imagine our lives without them. And now it’s time for your website to catch up with the trends, starting with responsive design.

Web Design Ledger wrote a fantastic article with keen insight into web design trends this year. Rather than reinvent the metaphorical wheel, I thought I’d share their article “10 WEB DESIGN TRENDS IN 2012″.

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