Why Google+ will compete with Facebook

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I’ve shared on Google Buzz, customized my iGoogle page and even heard of Orkut (yeah, right?), so the popular tendency towards skepticism on Google’s latest attempt at social media is understandable. Facebook is huge, 750 million users and going stronger than ever! Why then am I able to say with confidence that Google+ will work?

Let’s go back to Facebook for a moment. Facebook has become the world’s largest social network and in doing so has also become a powerful marketing tool. Businesses are able to leverage the power of Facebook to stay in touch with their customer base and communicate on a more personal level than ever before. So why does Google+ stand a chance? Simple. Facebook is too large and too connected for many of us, making social media feel somewhat like your girlfriend shouting at you from the other room while the TV is on and the Brewers just went to a commercial break. There’s a lot of background noise. Now pretend that your boss just called and you accidentally answered on speakerphone. Many of us don’t want to mix our professional and personal lives together yet with the business world so prominent on Facebook while any post or picture feels like a unnecesary risk to our professional career.

Meet Google+, while still in Beta, offers a different approach to how you share or “post” content. The idea is simple, whenever you add someone or receive a friend request the person must be put into a “circle” which is essentially a category like “Friends”, “Family”, “Coworkers”, etc etc. When you post a photo, video or write something you choose which group/s of people see your information. Rather than try to explain everything that Google+ is doing, check out the video above for a more thorough explanation!

To get Google+ head over to their website and sign up. If you’d like to add me as a friend on Google+ search for the name “Movses Karagyozyan”. Cheers!

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